Redefining Game Nights, One Mini-Game at a Time
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Fun with Every Play
Jollity is where the classic board game meets modern tech. Imagine the hands-on fun of playing a board game, then mix in the limitless opportunities a mobile app offers

With 150 mini-games, every round is refreshingly different. Whether you're seeking to light up a party, deepen connections with friends, or shake up your routine with spontaneous fun, Jollity promises unforgettable experiences and endless joy.
Experience the Thrill of 150 Mini-Games
Dive into a world of variety with 150 mini-games, each lasting between 5 and 15 minutes. From high-energy activities to thought-provoking challenges, Jollity ensures no two game sessions are the same, thanks to randomized gameplay and a vast array of content.
Five types of games: Dare, Drinking, Activity, Racy, and Verbal.
All Together Now
Bidding War
Big D*ck, Little D*ck
Blind Date
B**bs or B*m?
Brand Loyalty
Broken English
Cheeky Charades
Couple Confessions
Cumming Last
Dare Pong
Do I Know You?
Don't Say It
Fantasy Roleplay
Five Seconds to Say
Flip Cup Strip
Flirting Success
Guess The Movie
Guilty As Charged
Have You...?
Hidden Treats
King and Queen of Kinkiness
Lewd Stories
Lyrical Lingo Switcheroo
Mission Statement
Mr And Mrs
Music Quiz
Nipple Parade
Pants On Fire
Prepare To Dare
Psychic Friends
Quick On The Draw
Rated Opinions
Reverse Charades
Routine Sex
Sex Knowledge Quiz
Sex StatuesSexy Bingo
Shot Battleships
The Price Is Right
This Is My Night
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
Truth or Dare
Up And Down The River
Vulgarity Hilarity
Water Or Not?
What's In Your Drawer?
Would They Rather?
Would You Rather?
Designed for - Everyone
Whether you are playing with just your partner or a group of friends, Jollity adapts to your group's size and preferences. With our revolutionary comfort grading system, players can choose their comfort level from playful, cheeky, and risqué, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.
The Ultimate Hybrid Game
Jollity combines the best of both worlds: a physical playing board for those who love the classic game feel and a cutting-edge mobile app for interactive play. The 18” x 18” quad-fold board is beautifully designed and durable, perfect for tracking your journey through the game.
The Mobile App: Your Gateway to Endless Fun
Available on Android and iOS, the Jollity app is your companion for drawing random cards, rolling dice, storing preferences, and connecting with other players. With over 25,000 content cards and constant updates, the app keeps the game fresh and engaging.
Jollity offers incredible value for money, the games would cost over $1,000 if bought individually.
Value For Money
Never play the same game twice with our extensive mini-game collection.

Suitable for any group composition and preference.

A unique blend of digital and physical gameplay elements.

Connect with players when together or remote and share your experiences.

Tailor the game to your liking, from playful to risqué levels.
What's Included
Physical Playing Board: A stunning 18" x 18" quad-fold board that's the centerpiece of your game.

Mobile App: Your tool for endless gameplay, available for download on app stores.

Exclusive Content: Over 25,000 cards at your disposal, with the option to add your own.

Activity Timers and Dice Rolls: Integrated into the app for seamless play.

Custom Games: Choose from 150 games and set your preferences for future sessions.
Join the Jollity Community Today!
Launching soon on Kickstarter. Get exclusive insider information and special launch discounts.